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NewsQatar flag and Al Sharq newspaper in Antarctica

Qatar flag and Al Sharq newspaper in Antarctica


Retirement of Captain Adel Malallah Al-Sharq newspaper published on 19 Ramadan 1410 corresponding to April 14, 1990 the news of the retirement of Captain Adel Malallah, the star of the first football team in Al-Ahly Club, and the former star of our first national football team, where Malallah stated that he will retire from football permanently next season, indicating that His capabilities no longer help him to continue for another year, explaining that he spent 17 years with Al-Ahly club since 1973, and this long period was full of giving and love for the game and the club, and he spent most of it with the national team, stressing that the decision to retire will not make him move away from the ball and serve the country and the club, so that he can Who returned the favor and part of the debt owed to him by the national team and the club. On 5 Ramadan 1313 AH, corresponding to February 26, 1993, Al-Sharq published a report on the adventurous Qatari traveler Abdul Rahman Al-Mahmoud, as the first Qatari to reach Antarctica, bringing with him issues of Al-Sharq newspaper as the first Arab newspaper to reach the land of the continent. Al-Sharq published a picture of the Qatari traveler He raises the flag of his beloved Qatar to flutter over part of Antarctica.

After the municipal inspectors confiscated his car and his goods, the East publishes the story of Hamad Al-Nabit. Al-Sharq published on the 6th of Ramadan 1414 AH, corresponding to February 16, 1994, the story of Hamad bin Faraj Hafeez Al-Nabit, who was engaged in the trade of “green fodder” and transported it in his private car from neighboring countries to sell it in the central market. Reviewing the prosecutions he was subjected to by the municipality inspectors to obtain a license to locate the sale in the market, which led to the confiscation of his car and the goods it carries, as the newspaper expressed its hope that His Excellency the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture would remove this injustice and suffering from Hamad Al-Nabit, confirming the ministry’s motto to mitigate citizens and provide them with the best services.

Supplying state mosques with 10,000 Qurans. Al-Sharq highlighted in its issue dated Ramadan 2, 1408 AH, corresponding to April 18, 1988 AD, the preparations taken by the Presidency of Sharia Courts and Religious Affairs to welcome the holy month, by supplying state mosques with 10,000 new Qurans and 85 new chapels for women. In addition to assigning 29 preachers to intensify religious lessons after the Asr prayer, in addition to providing mosques with air conditioners, electrical appliances and mattresses. Memories of Qataris in Egypt during the holy month of the blessed month of Ramadan, its memories and evenings, with these words, the Al Sharq correspondent in Cairo recorded the memories of Qataris in Egypt and how they spend their time in the holy month away from their families, through several interviews with members of the Qatari community in Egypt, published in Al Sharq newspaper On the second Tuesday of Ramadan 1413 AH, where the investigation dealt with the mutual visits between Qatari students in Cairo and spending their free time in the evenings of Ramadan and their performance of Tarawih prayers and their preparation for breakfast and suhoor. In Cairo, Muhammad Al-Maliki, the media attaché at the Qatari Embassy in Cairo, and Abdul Rahman Hassan, “a postgraduate student – master’s degree in economics and political science,” and Hassan Klee, “a diploma in special education,” and Muhammad Saleh Ali Al-Hajri, “a student at the Faculty of Law, Cairo University,” and Abdullah Rashid Al-Muhannadi, “a law student.” Cairo” and Mahmoud Nasir Al-Subaie, “Cairo Law Student”.

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