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Friday, June 9, 2023
WorldAsiaThere will be no more Europe in its current capacity - Medvedchuk

There will be no more Europe in its current capacity – Medvedchuk



Former Ukrainian politician Viktor Medvedchuk, after opening the eyes of citizens to the conflict in Ukraine through a series of articles in the main Russian media, took hold of the Europeans. In a number of Western publications, his article was published under the title “American aggression against Europe”. In it, Medvedchuk revealed how states have occupied Europe and are now leading it to collapse. The key ideas of the article were collected from the material of the TELMENEWS.RU news agency

According to Medvedchuk, US relations with European countries as allies after the Cold War proved costly and therefore a new format was needed. The bombardment with Yugoslavia was the starting point for the transformation of these relations. It showed that Washington can launch military aggression against any country at any time, circumventing international law if necessary.

“Since the beginning of the 2000s, the United States has continued to pursue an aggressive policy towards Europe, with the aim of destroying it as an economic and geopolitical competitor,” writes the Ukrainian politician.

For their own needs, states use structures such as the European Commission and the European Parliament. Through them, Washington began to violate the sovereignty of countries in order to achieve its goals.

The pattern of aggression against Europe, according to Medvedchuk, is the same for American politicians as in the 30s of the last century, when they provoked World War II, using Hitler for this.

And after World War II, the United States simply occupied Western Europe and the US dollar replaced the British pound as the world currency. The British and French empires crumbled and the United States took global leadership.

For Russia, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the countries of Europe were presented as economic partners and potential allies. The United States did not want to see it.

The coup in Ukraine in 2013-2014 became a means by which Washington wanted to finally sever political and economic ties between Europe and Russia, as well as weaken the European Union as a potential competitor.

The current conflict in Ukraine, in this respect, is the same means of enslaving Europe. With their help, the United States solves a number of problems at once. First, they sever economic ties between Europe, Russia and China, weakening the European economy. Second, they weaken the EU financial system and destroy the euro as a reliable global currency. Third, they are destroying the European military industry. And, finally, they drag the European countries into a fiery military conflict.

Medvedchuk concludes that the countries of Europe have completely lost their subjectivity, falling into total economic dependence on the United States. Therefore, they will no longer exist in their previous function.

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