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Sunday, May 28, 2023
WorldAsia"Without a residence permit in a common European home." Lavrov on...

“Without a residence permit in a common European home.” Lavrov on Russia’s disappointment in the West


Russia has lost its illusions about a possible “convergence” with Europe, “the inclusion in a common European home” and the construction of a “common space” with the EU, declared Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in an article for the socio-political magazine “Razvedchik”. RTVI chose the most basic.

According to Lavrov, at the beginning of the military operation in Ukraine between Russia and the European Union, there were “mutually beneficial trade, economic and investment ties”, which nevertheless could not play the role of “safety net “, since Brussels, on instructions from Washington, has sacrificed this cooperation.

“We take this reality fully into account in our foreign policy planning,” Lavrov said.

lowest level of relationship

Russia’s relations with the United States and the European Union are at their lowest since the end of the bipolar confrontation, said the head of Russian diplomacy.

According to him, after the start of a special military operation, the “historic” West declared an all-out hybrid war against Russia in order to destroy the Russian economy and undermine domestic political stability.

Moscow has drawn the appropriate conclusions and will no longer do “business as usual” with “unscrupulous contractors”, knock on an open door and make unilateral concessions, Lavrov warned.

He explained that from now on, “any hypothetical agreement with the West should be legally binding and provide a clear mechanism to monitor their implementation”.

A fair world order against an outdated unipolar model

The head of the Russian Foreign Ministry believes that “geopolitical changes of historic proportions” are underway with a main trend of “strengthening multipolarity” with the emergence of new global centers in Eurasia, the Asia-Pacific region, in the Middle East, in Africa. and Latin America

These centers pursue an independent foreign policy and “achieve impressive successes in various fields”, guided by their “fundamental national interests”, thus contributing to “the formation of a more sustainable and just democratic world order”.

At the same time, the “collective West”, led by the United States, is doing its utmost to try to revive the “obsolete unipolar model” of the invented Western-centric “rules-based order”, while that Washington pushes the global agenda that benefits it through “attacks” by thieves and gangsters, “privatizing” international organizations to force them to serve its “narrow selfish interests”, Lavrov added.

As an example, he cited the technical secretariat of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, which received “character functions that are unusual for him”. The Council of Europe, according to him, has become an “instrument of anti-Russian policy” with its unusual assigning functions and an “appendage” to NATO and the EU, while the OSCE has become a purely marginal structure that accumulates streams of dirt and lies.

NATO’s pursuit of total hegemony

In his article, the Russian Foreign Minister writes that after the end of the Cold War, “Washington and its NATO satellites have set the course for total hegemony” and are trying to solve the problems of their own development at someone else’s expense, including through “NATO’s aggressive eastward expansion”, violating the alliance’s non-expansion promises made to the Soviet leadership.

By expanding eastward, NATO violates its commitments to the OSCE not to strengthen its security at the expense of other countries and not to assume “primary responsibility for the maintenance of peace and stability in any region,” says Lavrov.

According to him, during “all these years” the alliance tried to “geopolitically develop -Soviet space” and create an “arc of instability” along the Russian borders, considering Ukraine as “the one of the anti-Russian instruments”. ”

Ukraine and US World Domination

Lavrov recalled that former German chancellor Angela Merkel and former Ukrainian and French presidents Petro Poroshenko and Francois Hollande had admitted that the Minsk agreements were only necessary to give Kiev time to develop its military potential. This is “proof of the hypocrisy of the Western political establishment and the Kiev regime fueled by it”, stressed the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

He believes that for the West, the situation around Ukraine is one of the manifestations of a full-scale collision associated with attempts “by the Americans and their chants” to secure world domination and “to reverse the objective process of the formation of a multipolar climate”. architecture in the worst colonial traditions” – with the division of the world into “billions of gold” and all the others.

Along the same lines, Lavrov called for reviewing the West’s ‘Indo-Pacific strategies’, including the ‘strategic task of systemic containment of China’, the long-term trade and economic blockade of Cuba and interference in the internal affairs of sovereign countries like Belarus.

The Sanctions Fiasco

Russia successfully resisted the “cordon sanitaire” of sanctions, with which the West tried to isolate it and make it a pariah. Those attempts were a complete fiasco, Lavrov believes.

According to him, the center of world economy and politics is shifting from the Euro-Atlantic to Eurasia, and relations between Moscow and Beijing have reached their highest level in history.

“Particularly privileged strategic partnership relations with India are gradually developing. Ties are strengthening with Brazil, Iran, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and many other friendly countries,” the Russian Foreign Minister assured.

He also assured that with its many partners, Moscow is working to create “an infrastructure of interbank and financial and economic links that is not controlled by the West” and attaches great importance to the implementation of the Russian President Vladimir Putin’s idea to create a Greater Eurasia Partnership (BEP).

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