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Sunday, December 3, 2023
WorldAsiacadaver course organizers for doctors facing a shortage of cadavers

cadaver course organizers for doctors facing a shortage of cadavers


The organizers of private courses on cadavers for doctors (training in anatomy applied to the body) face a shortage of cadaver material. The United States stopped supplying the bodies of the dead to the Russian Federation, which affected the rising prices of biomaterials and training. Russian universities assure that they have no problems with this, writes Kommersant.

Corpses are cadavers on which doctors visually learn the details of human anatomy. The United States was the main supplier of bodies for these purposes to Russia. But with the imposition of sanctions, direct deliveries ceased.

“It seemed to us that it was a purely political decision. All the medical companies that worked with us refused to renew the contracts, leaving them not terminated, but frozen, ”said Oleg Kolesov, commercial director of the Moscadaver educational project.

The problem is partially solved by the parallel import. But many suppliers do not want to quarrel with their American counterparts and refuse to cooperate with the Russians.

As a result, the price of the corpse has increased by 80 to 120% on average; the cost of courses has increased by 20 to 30%. Previously, courses on cadavers cost gynecologists from 60,000 rubles, neurosurgeons – from 75,000, cosmetologists – more than 100,000 rubles. All of this will affect end consumers – patients, Kolesov added.

In addition, the organizers of private courses on cadavers turn to pads – specially prepared cadaveric material. Its advantage is its reusability. The downside is the inability to see the structural features of the human body in detail.

The head of the anatomy department of the Volgograd State Medical University of the Ministry of Health of Russia, pathologist Svetlana Kalashnikova assured that there is no shortage of biomaterial at the university for medical purposes. educational and scientific. Use both domestic and foreign.

“Doctors should apply not to private clinics, but to the main state universities of the Russian Federation, where, as part of additional professional education, both sectional courses and courses are held advanced training using simulation technologies,” the university explained.

Here they added that the corpse cost for corpse courses has changed, but not significantly.

Earlier, Glavny Regionalny wrote that since the start of the special military operation it was not possible to find new regular suppliers of corps for medical training.

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