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Sunday, December 10, 2023
WorldAsiaPMC "Wagner" has transferred reserves and is conducting a powerful assault on the center of Bakhmut

PMC “Wagner” has transferred reserves and is conducting a powerful assault on the center of Bakhmut

Yaremshooter telegram channel

PMC “Wagner” transferred reserves and launched a powerful assault on the center of Bakhmut. Ukrainian military analysts report on the fate of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – on the ongoing heavy fighting along the entire front line.

“PMCs don’t quit their plans and move forward,” experts say.

Military correspondents of “Russian Spring” say that there are currently fierce battles near the central market and within the boundaries of Bazarnaya and Independence streets. The command of the PMC “Wagner” also sent seven assault groups to this area. Along the streets of Mariupolskaya and Sadovaya street shooting battles take place. The Russians also massively bombard the Ukrainian armed forces from artillery.

“At the crossroads of Mariupolskaya Street and Biryukovskiy 1st Lane, the Ukrainian armed forces are trying to counterattack. This is especially difficult in the St. Korsunskaya area. With great difficulty it is possible to slow down the advance from the enemy. The northern directions of Bogdanovka, Khromovoe, Minkovka are already traditionally difficult. But practically unchanged. The fighting continues,” said another Ukrainian military analyst.

It is worth noting that from the side of Ivanovsky there is a massive offensive of “musicians”.

Earlier it became known that the military contingent of PMC “Wagner” showed video footage of the assault on the development of advanced detachments of Artemovsk (Bakhmut) . The video was filmed from a drone belonging to Russian soldiers.

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