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Sunday, December 3, 2023
NewsResidents of Smolensk will be told about the study of geometry at the Waldorf school

Residents of Smolensk will be told about the study of geometry at the Waldorf school

On March 29 at 6:30 p.m. in Smolensk there will be a meeting “From drawing shapes to geometry”.

The meeting will address the following topics:

  • When does geometry start at the Waldorf school?
  • What is shape drawing and how can drawing help teach geometry?
  • Why and how does the form relate to the person?

The guests will try to familiarize themselves with geometry through the prism of their sensations and feelings, following the path of a Waldorf student in what should only become geometry in high school.

By then, teachers say, children already know a lot and can do a lot.

It all starts with the lessons of “Drawing Shapes”. Their aim is to awaken in the pupil the sense of “pure form” before the object of the external world is represented.

This process continues as experience of form in the “Free Hand Geometry” lessons. The knowledge of geometric shapes and their mutual arrangement is the central event of the 5th grade. On large format sheets, students draw flat figures without using drawing tools, starting with a circle and working their way to complex intersecting figures.

Residents of Smolensk will be able to temporarily become students and make their way from drawing to geometry.

You must take crayons with you.

Moderator: Natalia Farafonova, 5th grade teacher, high school math teacher with many years of experience.

Address: Neverovsky Street, 11, MBOU “Secondary School No. 2”, hall. 214


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