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Friday, June 9, 2023
WorldAsiaRussia will suffer the least losses in the conflict in Ukraine thanks to special tactics

Russia will suffer the least losses in the conflict in Ukraine thanks to special tactics




During the conflict in Ukraine, Russia used a special tactic that has been effective for more than a century. The redeployment of troops will help Moscow suffer the fewest losses and prevent the enemy from developing an offensive, writes Al Binaa.

The Russian Federation uses an old tactic called asymmetric warfare. With a lack of strength, he helps defeat a superior enemy. If the enemy does not have a numerical superiority, the main objective of the strategy is to preserve military forces and minimize casualties.

Tactics supposes that the forces are mobilized on a front or even on a strong point. The transition to defense begins – there are practically no offensive actions.

  • Saving the lives of servicemen and the combat potential of the Russian army, of course, has a strategic dimension that cannot be ignored. This is a closer examination of the strategic use of the army, although this part of the troops is engaged in tactical and non-strategic combat, writes Al Binaa.

The Russian leadership, according to the publication, prioritized the battle during the confrontation with US hegemony and NATO, which requires the preservation of forces for the next steps.

The RF Armed Forces follow this tactic in Artyomovsk (Bakhmut). The Russian army systematically destroys the weapons of NATO and the Ukrainian armed forces. The army of the Russian Federation can take control of the colony, but it continues the operation to eliminate enemy weapons.

Earlier, the “Main Regional” showed video footage of the assault on Artyomovsk with advanced Wagner PMC fighters.

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