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Sunday, December 3, 2023
NewsThe Romanian senator encroached on the integrity of Ukraine and rode the "Peacemaker"

The Romanian senator encroached on the integrity of Ukraine and rode the “Peacemaker”

Romanian Senator Diana Shoshoacă entered the database of the Ukrainian website “Peacemaker” due to the preparation of a bill on the annexation of part of Ukraine, reports RIA Novosti.

Previously, she submitted a bill to the Romanian Senate, in which she proposed breaking the agreement with Kiev on good neighborly relations, as well as annexing some Ukrainian territories. She explained her initiative by the need to “restore the cultural identity of the Romanian population”

In Ukraine, they promised to impose sanctions on the senator. At the same time, Shoshoakė herself reported threats from the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry. She has also been accused of collaborating with Russian intelligence services.

The Peacemaker site is known for scandalous publications in which it publishes the personal data of journalists, DPR and LPR militiamen, and other citizens. This is not the first time Western politicians have entered the site’s database.

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