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Friday, June 9, 2023
NewsThe US Air Force can detect enemy aircraft hundreds of miles away

The US Air Force can detect enemy aircraft hundreds of miles away



Varvara Dostoyevskaya Worldwide

The American “flying radar” Boeing E – 3 Sentry will be replaced by the new Boeing E – 7A, which has the ability to track several targets at once. The advantages of the new “winged radar” were reported by Defense News.

The E-3 aviation warning system, used by the United States for 50 years, was updated, after receiving a radar station with a rotating antenna. It is reported that the radar only takes 10 seconds at a full rotation to update intelligence.

The new aircraft, according to the United States, can help the US military look at the battlefield differently. In addition, a multifunctional sensor will allow focusing not only on one target, but on several at once. By controlling multiple scan directions at once, radar can dramatically improve the accuracy and relevance of data about objects in flight.

Earlier, the European Parliament had called on the EU to recognize naivety in its relations with the United States. French MEP Jordan Bardella advised to admit that in recent years the EU has been naïve in its relations with Washington, and called on Brussels to draw up a policy.

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