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Sunday, June 4, 2023
NewsTorment... the first suicide march to join the Turkish Air Force. Here...

Torment… the first suicide march to join the Turkish Air Force. Here are its specifications


Turkey accomplished the march "torment" The first suicide march to officially join the Air Force, according to Al-Jazeera website.

According to the manufacturer, the drone has successfully passed flight tests, and is characterized by two delta-shaped wings, a large flight range and a high payload capacity.

The march is capable of carrying different types of ammunition, including warheads, which gives it the possibility of integrating it into the air forces of other countries.

The march is scheduled to be subjected to ammunition testing in the coming months, before it is ready for production by the middle or late of this year.

The aircraft was designed in two versions with a wingspan of 150 and 200 centimeters, and the 200 model can carry a payload of up to 15 kilograms and its take-off weight is 50 kilograms, and the 150 model weighs about 7 kilograms and can carry 3 kilograms of ammunition.

The march has a range of 500 kilometers, a speed of more than 270 kilometers per hour, and can fly at an altitude of 300 to 3 thousand meters. Its structure also consists of a composite material, which makes it possible to detect it on enemy radar as little as possible. The drone can also be installed in 5 minutes and launched by throwing mode, and it can be transported by a civilian or military vehicle.

The march is directed through a personal computer through the camera provided with it, with a communication range of up to 200 km. It can also be run on autopilot with its own thrusters running.

And the march "torment" Equipped with sensors, and also has the ability to completely destroy itself, if it is intercepted or after hitting the target and ending its mission, ensuring that no data is leaked to the enemy.

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