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Thursday, June 1, 2023
Government and PoliticsAmerica once again trying to politicize the question of the source of...

America once again trying to politicize the question of the source of the corona virus


For a few days, America has again started politicizing the question of the source of the corona virus. The Wall Street newspaper first cited a confidential US Department of Energy report saying that the COVID-19 virus was likely to have accidentally leaked from a Chinese laboratory. Mainstream US media then exaggerated the reporting. Then the US Ambassador to China and the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation also tried to stigmatize China by saying the same thing. Keep in mind that in the year 2021, the US government ordered the Information Department to present the report of the so-called Covid-19 virus source within 90 days. In the end, this report was full of words like probably and possibility and it became a ridiculous drama. But why America is again making a spectacle of it.

According to local analysts, first, the US Republican Party wants to show a strong stand against China by politicizing the virus source question in order to gain advantage in domestic political competition. Second, the US government wants to divert public attention from the failure of its governance. The social divide is intensifying and the situation in the financial market is also looking very grim. This drama has revealed the great strategic concern of America towards China. Due to cold war mentality and misunderstanding about China, America sees China as the biggest rival of strategic competition and is suppressing China in all-round way. America has more than 200 military bio laboratories around the world, on which there are many doubts and concerns of the international community. In fact, America should open its respective laboratories as soon as possible and accept the investigation of the international community.

(Credits-China Media Group, Beijing)

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