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Sunday, December 3, 2023
News"But in the face it hurts": the mayor of Orenburg told how he hates the perpetrators of anonymous Telegram...

“But in the face it hurts”: the mayor of Orenburg told how he hates the perpetrators of anonymous Telegram channels

Sergei Salmin thinks that a whole generation has grown up that cannot answer for his words.

A rather aggressive statement was made by the mayor of Orenburg, Sergei Salmin. The manager, in an interview with a local TV channel, suddenly decided to tell about his attitude to anonymous Telegram channels. According to him, their authors are afraid and do not show themselves, and in general they belong to a new generation which does not know how to answer for their words.

Sergey Salmin noted that he does not read anonymous Telegram channels, in which political insiders are often published. The mayor considers such publications to be psychological attacks against him.

Also, the head of the city decided to talk about his attitude to modern social networks. He believes that with the advent of Telegram, many people have appeared there who hide behind anonymous channels.

“These are people who hide their weakness and don’t show their face. You must be responsible for your words. A whole generation grew up that was never punched in the face for their words. And in the face – it hurts. When the nose is on the side, blood flows – it hurts, but you have to answer for your words, ”said Sergey Salmin.

The mayor of Orenburg complained that none of the authors of the Telegram channels “came to stand before me like that and said something like that.”

The official added that he could react “like a husband, like a father, like an athlete”. The Baza edition recalls that in the 1990s Sergey Salmin was actively involved and taught sambo.

In March, investigators from the Transbaikal Territory opened a criminal investigation against the head of the Sretenskoye urban settlement, Yevgeny Kirgizov. The official is accused of assaulting police officers with an axe. The incident happened while the mayor was driving drunk in his car.

And the mayor of Kuznetsk, Penza region, Sergei Zlatogorsky, at a working meeting expressed an idea that should help to cope with the abundance of unemployed in the region. He offered to send them all to the front.

“It hurts the face”: the mayor of Orenburg told how he hates the authors of anonymous Telegram channels that

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