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NewsDo not bake potato pies: what is forbidden to do on March 26, Nikiforov's Day

Do not bake potato pies: what is forbidden to do on March 26, Nikiforov’s Day



On this day, Orthodox Christians remember the deeds of St. Nicephorus, who lived in the VIII-IX centuries. Among the people, the date is associated with signs and a number of prohibitions.

According to church chronicles, Nicephorus became the Patriarch of Constantinople, who replaced Saint Tarasios after death. When believers found the relics of the patriarch, they turned out to be incorruptible.

Our ancestors on this day continued to meet spring and prepared for the arrival of meltwater. Before the flood, good fishing started on the last ice, so the fishermen went fishing. Roach, ide and perch are biting particularly well at the moment.

On Nikifor, the peasants especially waited for the arrival of geese – it was these birds that foreshadowed the harvest year. If the geese began to actively swim in the water, the heat would not go away. The arrival of the larks also spoke of the arrival of warm days. Only the peasants did not really like the chaffinch – such a bird promised cold. The arrival of swans from the south also indicated the likelihood of snow.

Morning fog also spoke of rain and bad weather. The abundance of sap in the birch groves also indicated the coldness of summer.

What not to do on March 26

You should not go into the forest alone, especially to unfamiliar places. It was believed that a bear woke up on Nikifor. Such a meeting can end badly for a person.

You cannot cut down trees and even cut garden plants – misfortune can enter the house.

It is strictly forbidden to make potato pies. People believed that otherwise one of the parents could leave the world.

It is not recommended to pick up sharp objects on March 26. If you cut yourself, a person will soon face serious hardships.

Borrowing money can cause problems in the family.

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