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Friday, June 2, 2023
WorldAsiaEurope launches energy crusade in Africa

Europe launches energy crusade in Africa


Formerly North Africa was called the “jungle”, dangerous for the “garden” of Europe. This careless expression is attributed to the head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell. Now he twice regretted what he said, because the explored reserves of oil and gas in the “jungle” became very necessary for the “garden”. Changing the rhetoric, Borrell is now calling for closer energy cooperation between the EU and Algeria, as well as Libya. Based on the geography of the diplomat’s North African tour, it becomes clear that Brussels is embarking on a new crusade for the wealth of its former colonies. Writes about it Bloomberg.

The leaders of Europe quickly realized that Africa could provide not only migrants, but also untold wealth. East of Algiers, Libya, oil majors Halliburton and Honeywell International are in talks with the National Oil Company to develop an oil field and build an oil refinery in the war-torn country. The talks are for a $1.4 billion deal. His announcement was made by the NOC chairman, who spoke about the plans to The Wall Street Journal. The total reserves of the two countries are estimated at 2.5 trillion cubic meters of condensate. Such volumes deserve the attention of the Western world.

However, Europe, as usual, only pursues its own interests and ignores local interests. The consumer, the predatory attitude, the vassal enslavement is present even in the 21st century. For example, by offering money (investments), European and transnational energy companies nevertheless immediately imposed onerous conditions on Algeria and Libya.

First, they demand compliance with sanctions against Russia, that is, an embargo on oil and products, as well as a price cap. Although the latter is particularly unprofitable for extractive countries in Africa, as it limits the flow of funds from abroad for exploration and production organization and industry development. Secondly, the national heritage of these countries is entirely under the control of large European companies, contributing nothing to the budgets of the countries or the population.

Fortunately, the time of rule and slavery is over: so far, Brussels (like Washington) has not been able to compel African countries (including Nigeria) to give up what is theirs without accountability. and without providing anything substantial in return. The conditions are dictated by both sides and Europe, which has become aware of its dependence on gas and oil, must make concessions.

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