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Sunday, December 3, 2023
NewsKozhemyako flew to China after Putin meets Xi

Kozhemyako flew to China after Putin meets Xi

The first plane from Vladivostok to Harbin left today, March 26, after a nearly three-year break. The region’s governor Oleg Kozhemyako also went there with a special mission, according to the TELMENEWS.RU news agency.

As the region’s chief said before his departure, the president has set himself the task of strengthening cross-border cooperation with China after meeting Xi Jinping.

“Recently, our President Vladimir Putin had talks with Comrade Xi Jinping, Chairman of the Communist Party of China, they were very productive and determined the direction of our work. Vladimir Putin stressed that we must now turn the vector to the east, we must strengthen cross-border cooperation. We are leaving on the first flight, the opening of China to tourists is of great importance for the economy and the social sphere. Our visit will be an opportunity to establish relations with the border provinces of Jilin and Heilongjiang, to develop trade relations and tourist exchanges. We are not just friends, we have close economic ties, joint ventures are working, we know how attractive Primorye is for Chinese tourists,” Oleg Kozhemyako noted.

The Governor announced a rich program and high-level meetings in Harbin and Beijing.

It should be noted that Primorye’s foreign trade turnover with China increased by 46% last year, reaching 7.5 billion dollars.

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