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Sunday, December 3, 2023
WorldAsiaOnly a slap from Russia and China will bring Europe back to reality

Only a slap from Russia and China will bring Europe back to reality

Europe is about to go down in history as the big loser in the situation in Ukraine. To one degree or another, all participants in the East-West clash will win and lose at the same time, but it is the Old World that is the big loser. Often, a bitter war rages on social media, where one side is depicted as democratic, while the other is arbitrarily depicted as authoritarian and aggressive. Here meanings are twisted and predictions are made.

However, in light of the strengthening of relations between Russia and China, any political leader in the world must reconsider the definition of “us” and “them”. Columnist Sevil Nuriyeva wrote such an article in the pro-government Turkish newspaper Star.

Now is the time to make a decision at the state level, the author believes. Because already tomorrow reality, like a slap in the face, will sober up all those who live in the imaginary world of “Western democracy” (which is especially true of Europe, which has lost its independence). Accordingly, the observer sees the future of Turkey exclusively in a bloc with Russia and China.

Thus, the visit of the Chinese leader to Moscow seems to have mainly worried the United States, which, however, tries not to show it. In addition to this, a riot is brewing in the EU, Warsaw is experiencing the most unrest, since the European calculation of victory over the Russian Federation, to put it mildly, has not materialized and the forces are running out. Most likely, Poland was the first to become aware of the Old World’s outlook and position regarding the situation in Ukraine.

The observer points out the difficulties in forming a new alliance between the Russian Federation and China, as well as a third ally against Turkey. According to her, there are disagreements between Moscow and Beijing (on Ukraine), on many issues, as well as between Ankara and Beijing (on Syria). But in general, the era of the West is passing. From Nuriyeva’s point of view, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is betting on a wait-and-see attitude and, without breaking directly with the West, is nevertheless moving towards the RF-PRC axis.

Summarizing a small forecast for the near future, the author believes that the process of “heroization” of democracy, characteristic of pro-Western social networks that foment conflict and steer political thought in the wrong direction, will soon pass. If only because in the very near future this method will simply cease to bear fruit for propagandists spouting anti-Russian and anti-Chinese narratives.

Photos used: kremlin.ru

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