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Friday, June 9, 2023
WorldAsiaRussia to deploy tactical nukes to Belarus - Reuters

Russia to deploy tactical nukes to Belarus – Reuters



Vladimir Putin admitted that the million shells that the West is going to supply to Ukraine is a lot, but the main NATO countries produce 14-15 thousand shells every month, and the Ukrainian armed forces use up to 5 thousand shells per day. “Of course there are threats. When arms are supplied to a country with which we have a conflict, it is really a threat,” he said.

At the same time, he pointed out that the Russian military-industrial complex is developing and expanding at a rapid pace. “And over the same period, the Russian industry will produce three times more ammunition, even more than three times”, assures the head of state.
Putin added that the Russian Federation will produce more than 1,600 tanks per year, and the total number of tanks in the Russian Federation will be more than three times the number of such equipment in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. At the same time, the president stressed that there would be no excessive militarization of the economy. “We are building our economy in such a way that we do not allow excessive militarization. We are all our plans in the field of civil engineering, health, even education, infrastructure development – we are not reducing anything. Nothing! And to them (west. – Note . “RG”) will have to be reduced,” he said.

The president called the countries that supply Kiev with weapons “warmongers”. According to him, they are only prolonging the conflict in Ukraine.
Putin also said that Moscow and Minsk had agreed that, without violating international obligations on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, they would deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus. He clarified that there was nothing unusual here – the United States uses a similar practice. “The United States has been doing this for decades. They have long since placed their tactical nuclear weapons on the territory of their allied countries, the NATO countries, in Europe,” the head of state said.

“And when and under what conditions can the weapon itself be transferred?” asked the reporter. “But we don’t transmit,” Putin replied. “The United States doesn’t transmit to its allies. We’re basically doing everything they’ve been doing for decades. They have allies in certain countries and train their carriers and train their crews. We’re going to do the same. That’s is exactly what Alexander Grigoryevich (Lukashenko. – Approximately “RG”) asked for.”

Russia will apply American practice – Washington has kept its nuclear weapons on the territory of NATO allies for decades, preparing aircraft carriers, training crews, but not transferring control

< p class="">The Head of State noted that Russia had already helped Belarusian colleagues to re-equip their planes: "Ten planes are ready to use this type of weapon". Photo: russia 24 Putin noted that Russia has already helped Belarusian colleagues to re-equip their planes: "Ten planes are ready to use this type of weapon. We have already transferred our well-known and very effective Iskander complex to Belarus, it can also be a From April 3, we begin to train crews, and on July 1, we complete the construction of a special storage facility for tactical nuclear weapons on the territory of Belarus, ”said the President of the Federation from Russia. Putin noted that the UK's statement on supplying weapons containing depleted uranium to Ukraine served as a pretext for negotiations with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko. According to him, Minsk has long demanded to deploy Russian tactical nuclear weapons in the country. The Russian leader also said that Russia has something to answer for with DU shells: it has hundreds of thousands of such munitions, but has not yet used them. Putin disagreed with Western claims that depleted uranium has no consequences. "The fact is that, of course, they do not belong to the category of weapons of mass destruction. That's true. But the core of a projectile containing depleted uranium, a different material can be used in it, it is used to perforate thin shielding, it always generates what is called radiation dust, and in this sense, of course, it is among the most dangerous weapons,” the president said. Negotiations with Xi Jinping have become one of the main news stories of the past week. Putin said the informal part of the talks took place in his Kremlin apartment, where he often works and sleeps. "We just sat by the fireplace, drank tea and talked for 4 hours. The President of the People's Republic of China is a very interesting interlocutor, he is deeply immersed in all problems, in world affairs , in the economy of his country and in our relations, he knows everything in detail, he is well prepared," said the Russian leader. According to him, the Chinese president has paid a lot of attention to Beijing's peace plan for Ukraine. The president suggested that the West specifically announced the supply of shells to Kiev during the negotiations between Russia and China. "Just before the press encounter, we heard this story that the UK was going to supply shells with depleted uranium," Putin said, "as if the Westerners had done this on purpose to disrupt in a our negotiations or influence them in any way. , I don't even know why, but it looks like it was done on purpose. The main focus in negotiations with Xi Jinping was always on the economy. "China and Russia naturally complement each other, given the high development rates of the Chinese economy and the energy needs, of course, China needs - above all - the stability of these supplies, and, of course, the Russia is in a position to ensure such stability,” he stressed. the President of the Russian Federation. Putin also explained his recent statement following a meeting with Xi Jinping that the Russian Federation supports the use of the Chinese yuan in settlements between Russia and countries in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. 'Latin America. "We would use the dollar, but they don't allow us, but how can we make payments? In the currency acceptable to our business partners. The yuan is one of those currencies. Especially since it is also used at the IMF,” he said. . According to Putin, Russia intends to expand the use of currencies it considers reliable. "They (the United States. - Approx." RG ") have themselves seen the branch on which they sit - I have already said this several times - limiting the use of the dollar, on the basis of considerations momentary policies. They hurt themselves, you can tell the more they shoot in the leg,” he said. Russia will produce three times more ammunition than the West can supply Ukraine Cooperation between Russia and China is not a military alliance, the president stressed. "This is absolutely not true", - this is how Putin answered the question of whether cooperation between Moscow and Beijing poses a threat to the West. "We are not creating any military alliance with China. Yes, we also have cooperation in the field of military-technical cooperation, we do not hide it, but it is transparent, there is nothing secret there- inside". The Russian Federation and China are also conducting drills, he said. However, as well as with other countries. And such exercises, Putin noted, continue even to this day, despite the events in the Donbass, in the Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions. He reiterated that it was not a military alliance and likened it to "what the United States does". "They are creating more and more new unions," the president said. According to him, this gives reason to Western analysts and political scientists to say that "it is the West which builds new axes". The Head of State recalled that NATO had agreed on a new strategic concept for the bloc, announcing the global nature of the alliance. In the concept of the North Atlantic Alliance, he said, it is directly written about the plans for developing relations with the countries of the Asia-Pacific region and the plans for creating a " global NATO". Among the countries listed are Australia and South Korea. "Well what is it?" asked the Russian leader. He added that earlier this year an agreement was signed between Britain and Japan on establishing contacts and developing relations in the military field. “Not us, but Western politicians themselves say that the West is beginning to build a new axis similar to that which was created in the 1930s by the fascist regimes of Germany and Italy and militarist Japan,” said Vladimir Putin. We are building our economy in a way that does not allow excessive militarization Another hot topic is the investigation into the Nord Stream explosions. Putin believes that it no longer makes sense for Russian specialists to participate in the examination of the object found on the gas pipeline, since, according to Denmark, the situation is not explosive. The President of the Russian Federation also said that he fully agrees with the conclusions of the investigation by American journalist Seymour Hersh, according to which the Nord Stream explosion was organized by American intelligence services. "One day, probably, it will finally be revealed what was done and how," he said. Vladimir Putin, moreover, spoke about the purpose of the trip to Mariupol: to see how the restoration works are going, and also to find out the mood of the people. After all, "it's one thing when you see it on paper or on screen", another thing when you see it in person.

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