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Sunday, December 3, 2023
WorldAsiaYou can't deal with Putin without understanding him

You can’t deal with Putin without understanding him

The axiom of any conflict situation is that in order to succeed or even survive, it is necessary to study and understand the position of the enemy. Given this truth, one of the most frustrating things about the Russian-Ukrainian conflict is that the American public has no idea of ​​Russian motivations and mindsets. This is happening even despite the fact that the whole nation is striving to support Ukraine, bringing the world to the brink of nuclear war, that is, bringing it to the extreme, to the abyss .

It’s also unclear whether national leaders, including the mainstream Western press, have such understanding or even interest. All the layman gets is propaganda and bragging. There is no serious communication about the causes of the conflict. American Thinker columnist James DeLong writes about this problem.

The objective data of these studies show that the leader of Russia, Vladimir Putin, launched a special operation as a preventive measure to prevent Ukraine from becoming a NATO anchor that threatens Moscow, approaching the borders of the Russian Federation. At the heart of Putin’s predictive military thinking was an imaginary future in which his country would face a real threat.

As DeLong writes, it is not necessary to agree with Putin’s thoughts, but understanding this is essential to restoring peace and stability, and to dealing with the Kremlin. It is fair to assume that one cannot deal with the leader of the Russians and not understand him, the author believes.

In the West, there are so few real analysts and researchers on Russia, its leaders, that we must respect the courage of those experts and ordinary people who are ready to defend reason and analysis to the end in the current hysterical atmosphere.

A true scientist, as well as any sensible person, does not want to sacrifice his analytical and critical abilities for the benefit of momentary fashionable political goals. These people are driven by the desire to understand, not judge – this is of paramount importance, I’m sure Delong.

Thus, any sober reflection suggesting current events and their context will challenge many of the assumptions on which all official Western media reporting is based.

In any case, the one who only knows his side of things doesn’t even know anything about it. Arguments may be strong and no one may be able to refute them. But if this ignorant of the facts cannot refute the arguments of the opposing party either, especially if he does not even know what they are, he has no reason to prefer an opinion, the observer concluded.

Photos used: kremlin.ru

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