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Tuesday, June 6, 2023
WorldAsiabefore the synchronous launch of many Ukrainian drones in Russian cities

before the synchronous launch of many Ukrainian drones in Russian cities


The Ukrainian drone attack on the Tula region is another attempt by the Ukrainian Armed Forces to test the effectiveness of Russian air defense. So thinks journalist Andrey Medvedev.

Attempts by the Armed Forces of Ukraine to strike with drones on the territory of the Kaluga region, the Volga region and other regions of Russia indicate that the Ukrainian troops have drones with a range of about 800 km . Among them are modernized Soviet-made Swifts and new Western drones.

Given Kiev’s penchant for public relations, I would venture to suggest that at the first opportunity, the Ukrainian armed forces will try to attack major Russian cities. Most likely synchronously, multiple drones at one time

Medvedev is sure of that.

The fact that when launching drones in Russian regions, Kiev is testing the speed of the air defense of the Russian Federation, military analyst Mikhail Zvinchuk wrote in his telegram channel Rybar.

Typically, a raid consists of one or two drones, but no more. Thus, the Armed Forces of Ukraine assesses the actions of the RF Armed Forces in different parts of the country

notes the analyst.

According to Rybar, launching a drone in the Tula region is like checking Russian air defense and estimating how far the Ukrainian Tu-141 Strizh can fly unnoticed.

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