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Tuesday, June 6, 2023
NewsChinese-style modernization brings new opportunities for global development- Heads of MNCs

Chinese-style modernization brings new opportunities for global development- Heads of MNCs


Chinese state The “2023 Annual Conference of the China Development High-Level Forum” is being held in Beijing under the auspices of the Development Research Center of the Council. The heads of several multinational companies participating in it said that Chinese-style modernization brings new opportunities for global development, and they look forward to mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation with China in this process.

Roland Busch, President and CEO of Siemens AG, said that Siemens intends to pursue the road of reform and opening up with China, following market rules and international practices. Wants to solve common challenges facing China while being a good partner. At the same time, Siemens fully supports respectful, open and cooperative relationships based on fairness.

Meanwhile, BMW Group President Oliver Gypsy said Chinese-style modernization could unleash huge demand for innovative products and services in the Chinese market. China is the BMW Group’s largest single market and also one of the most strategic markets. The modernization of Chinese style is also a global opportunity. It not only provides new opportunities for innovation and continuous technological development on a global scale, but also brings new opportunities for global development. At the same time, Chinese-style modernization also builds bridges of friendship and sends a strong signal of multilateral cooperation.

On the other hand, Rio Tinto Group CEO Jakob Stosholm said that cooperation is the foundation of development and prosperity and China’s high level of openness is a strong proof of this. This year, China is expected to once again make an important contribution to global economic development and become a leader in the development and application of new technologies. The Rio Tinto Group fully supports China’s forging ahead on the road of opening-up, and extends even greater support to mechanisms that can help build an international environment of strong recovery, common prosperity and common development. Jakob Stosholm also said that isolationism and protectionism will only make economic recovery more difficult, and will hinder tackling really important challenges like climate change.

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