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Wednesday, December 6, 2023
NewsFourth year in the Orenburg region: in March 2019, Denis Pasler became acting governor of the region

Fourth year in the Orenburg region: in March 2019, Denis Pasler became acting governor of the region

In March 2019, Denis Pasler, who arrived from the Sverdlovsk region, became acting governor of the Orenburg region.

At that time – the richest official in the country. Young, promising. They leaned on him, a little weary of the previous direction.

In September, with the Time for New Solutions program, Pasler became full governor. All is relative. And in the fourth year of management, there are more less than more. The governor is criticized on social networks for the reform of the Ministry of Health, corruption scandals in the government. In a way, the situation in the levels of power echoes. Denis Pasler trained the team for a long time. Today, the mayor of Orenburg, Sergey Salmin, is also looking for reliable personnel, and a year after taking office, he still has not created a team.

Scandal with mandate to the Duma for the ex-mayor of the regional center, house arrest of the head of the minarch, and of the minarch himself, created in contempt.

Violations in the implementation of national projects, “remote” control, sold airport, for which the new owners still have not paid … Denis Pasler became the first governor in the modern history of the region, who is “piloted” by bloggers – political scientists every six months. Pasler’s national ranking rose from 17th in his first year as governor to 72nd in January-February 2023.

Experts rated the likelihood of Denis Pasler’s resignation in the spring “governor’s fall” as medium.

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