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Tuesday, June 6, 2023
NewsHow much do professional groups on strike in Germany earn

How much do professional groups on strike in Germany earn


The biggest strike in 30 years has paralyzed Germany. Traffic is restricted throughout the Federal Republic, trade unions want to increase pressure on employers to negotiate collective agreements and demand higher wages. I think it would be interesting to know how much the representatives of the professional groups on strike earn.

This Monday, the circulation of trains, buses and planes in Germany was largely stopped. As a result, millions of passengers and travelers are among the victims. A major warning strike by rail unions EVG and Verdi demanding higher wages will continue for 24 hours.

In Kununu’s table you can see how much the representatives of certain professional groups participating in the strike earn:

Air traffic controller – €93,953 Pilot – €82,076 Route planner – €50,233 Aviation technician – €48,818 Locomotive driver – €40,459 Road builder – €39,200 Bus driver – €32,144 Train conductor – €31,076 Airport service employee – €30,528 €

On the railways, long-distance traffic has been completely suspended and most regional traffic has been suspended for the time being. Almost all German airports are on strike. Waterways and ports, road companies are also affected. In addition, public transport is on strike in seven federal states.

With warning strikes throughout the day, the Verdi union and the railway and transport union (EVG) want to increase the pressure on employers in collective bargaining. Alongside the strike, unions and public sector employers will meet again for negotiations on Monday.

For EVG, further discussions with Deutsche Bahn and other rail companies are planned for a later date.

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