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Thursday, June 1, 2023
EntertainmentJ-Hope opened up about the nature of his BTS co-stars, saying, “I'm...

J-Hope opened up about the nature of his BTS co-stars, saying, “I’m only friends with Suga. The rest is better not to be trusted, you don’t know much.”


In one of s of the Quora resource, users from different countries decided to discuss in English the soloists of the BTS group and the characters of each of them. ARMYs agreed that J-Hope, though he jokes around a lot, isn’t always outgoing and social. He seems to be one of those people who is much more comfortable in the circle of relatives.

Suga has the same character. He doesn’t always open up even among the “Bentans” and tries to stay away, even if the guys do group interviews. An ARMY girl gave her opinion, thinking that Suga and Hoseok are the perfect pair of best friends. They complement each other perfectly and, at the same time, understand the need for everyone to maintain personal boundaries and a comfort zone.

“I know all the guys are great, but I myself am like Yoongi and Hobi and understand that I’m not ready to trust everyone. I’ve always needed just one best friend to happiness and the case of the guys proves that they have such a mindset.Besides, you don’t know much and maybe the guys have something they want to hide from others. screen, all of BTS look perfect, but in real life, it can be completely different,” she left a long post under the subject of Suga and Jay’s friendship.

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