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Sunday, December 3, 2023
Pink PageNo More Facial Plastic Surgery - "I'm So Ugly"

No More Facial Plastic Surgery – “I’m So Ugly”

British glamor model and entrepreneur Katie Price promises to never have facial plastic surgery again.

Katie, 44, has had many cosmetic procedures over the years and has always been open about them. Among other things, she has had sixteen breast augmentations and now has the biggest ones yet.

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She has also had a number of facial procedures but does not plan to have any more. In an interview with Channel 5’s Jeremy Vine over the weekend, the star said she felt “so lousy” so had no intention of going under the knife again.

“When I was doing my makeup, I’d look in the mirror and be like, ‘I’m so ugly.’ Now I’m like, ‘Don’t do more for your face.’ plastic surgery,” where obviously I’ve been under the knife several times. Not that I mind, because I’ve done this to myself. But sometimes you just need to relax.”

Katie has had a nose job, several facelifts, fixed teeth, lip fillers and botox to name a few. She also underwent an eye lift.

See Katie over the years.

In 1995: Katie Price was then seventeen years old.

1998: Katie just turned 20.

2001: Katie was 23 and had her first breast augmentation two years earlier.

2004: Katie, 26

2011: Katie underwent several breast augmentations as well as a breast reduction. She had been here for 33 years.

2017: The year it got its first facelift.

2018: She had another facelift at 40.

2021: Katie travels to Turkey and undergoes a number of procedures there.

2023: The last photos of the star.


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