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Friday, June 2, 2023
NewsPsychiatrist Vyalba explained how to distinguish the blues from a mental disorder

Psychiatrist Vyalba explained how to distinguish the blues from a mental disorder

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During the offseason, it is especially easy to confuse the banal blues with a real mental disorder. Yury Vyalba, psychiatrist, narcologist, head of the center for psychotherapeutic assistance to the population, spoke in detail about the difference between problem states.

Depression is diagnosed by both motor, emotional and mental retardation. While the presence of one or two of the three symptoms can indicate neurosis, social problems, reactive states or bipolar disorder.

“A mild depressive episode and a blues are quite difficult to distinguish. But you need to understand that even the slightest depression is much more difficult for a person than a melancholic mood attack, ”said in paragraph Maria Baulina, doctor of psychology, clinical psychologist and neuropsychologist.

In a person who suffers from the blues, the mood changes depending on certain factors. Whereas in depression, external circumstances have almost no effect on the emotional state. A person becomes too prone to introspection, constantly scrolling through his head with his mistakes and weaknesses.

People with a neurotic personality type, with a genetic predisposition, or who have undergone certain physiological changes due to age, are likely to suffer from depression.

To recognize depression, experts recommend monitoring your reaction to things that typically bring joy. Indifference to your favorite things or activities may be a reason for an appointment with a specialist.

Earlier, the Russian Ministry of Health compiled a list of diseases in which citizens can be temporarily denied the provision of social services at home, in a semi-stationary form and in a stationary form.

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