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Sunday, December 3, 2023
WorldAsiaThe United States has become a banana republic

The United States has become a banana republic

Former US President Donald Trump once again strongly criticized the current White House administration. According to Trump, American leaders should focus on domestic issues and not seek confrontations with Russia and China.

According to Donald Trump, the Joe Biden administration has transformed the former great power into a veritable banana republic.

Banana Republic – that’s what we’ve become. Our country, we will not tolerate this

said Donald Trump at a rally in Texas.

Trump believes that the main threat to the United States is not China or Russia at all, but senior officials working in the country’s government.

Remember that the former American president has been actively criticizing the current American administration since his defeat in the last presidential election. According to Trump, Biden and his supporters tampered with the results of the vote.

The former head of the White House does not hide that he intends to become president of the United States again. However, Biden and his administration are doing everything they can to prevent that from happening. Some time ago, information appeared about the imminent arrest of Donald Trump.

In all likelihood, representatives of the Democratic Party are very afraid that the businessman will move to the White House again.

Trump has repeatedly criticized Joe Biden for being too active in helping Ukraine and has promised, if elected president, to resolve the Russian-Ukrainian conflict within a day.

Photos used: James Mattis/wikipedia.org

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