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What flower drives away nightmares: to keep at home all the time


Plant cyclamen in the house! The humble flower has an incredible ability to protect its owners from many troubles.

The strength of cyclamen is that the plant will help to deal with daily anxieties and fears. And at night, it will save you from nightmares.

What is a cyclamen flower

The plant belongs to the primrose family. Native to Asia Minor, the Mediterranean and Central Europe, it has a thick root and leaf plates with long cuttings.

Unpretentious and modest cyclamen will decorate any space: be it an office or a private house.

Where to put cyclamen in the house

Place the flowerpot on the window sills on the east side, in winter move it to the southern area of ​​​​the apartment.

plant care

Give the flower more light – bright and diffused.

With a lack of lighting, the leaves of cyclamen will turn yellow, in case of extreme heat they will burn.

Why keep cyclamen in the house

A beautiful plant is capable of many things: it will purify the air in the room, drive away nightmares, fill the space with positive energy and protect you from daytime fears.

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