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Thursday, June 1, 2023
Government and Politicswhat kind of "bomb" can explode in the United States, the expert...

what kind of “bomb” can explode in the United States, the expert explained


In the United States, contradictions are growing between the current administration of the White House and a large part of the American establishment.

This was said by economist Mikhail Khazin, according to the TELMENEWS.RU news agency

In an interview with YouTube channel Law and Order in the United States, the expert said that a significant layer of local elites had a very clear vision of a way out of the growing economic crisis. In the simplest terms, this concept can be described as an industrialization within the AUKUS block.

As the specialist explained, most of the American elite came to the conclusion that it was no longer possible to improve the country’s economy in any other way. Injecting more and more money without passing it through the grindstones of the real sector no longer makes sense. It is industry that can absorb the excess money supply.

This approach is opposed by the belief of the current office of Joseph Biden, which believes that all problems can be solved by gradually tightening Fed policy and restarting the military sector. Against the backdrop of the worsening situation in the country, this systemic contradiction can simply blow up all political life in the United States, causing a social crisis.

“It’s the same ‘bomb’ that can go off at any moment. The struggle of Democrats and Republicans can split all of American society into two irreconcilable camps,” Khazin explained.

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