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Tuesday, May 30, 2023
NewsWith the participation of 35 innovators from 17 entities.. The Civil Service...

With the participation of 35 innovators from 17 entities.. The Civil Service and Governmental Development Bureau concludes the "Hackathon" for government services


The Civil Service and Government Development Bureau concluded a hackathon for government services in the State of Qatar, in cooperation with the Global Institute for Innovation Management (GIMI), which lasted for three days, with the participation of more than 35 innovators from 17 government agencies.

The hackathon aims to design innovative solutions for government services using best practices, in line with Qatar’s strategy for research, development and innovation 2030.

The hackathon is an event that brings together a group of innovators with the aim of providing innovative solutions by presenting ideas and solutions that contribute to improving the life journeys of current government services. On the first day, the work teams reviewed the current life journeys of services provided by government agencies and identified current challenges by placing the customer among the priorities. Improvement objectives, and conduct research to identify best practices and global experiences in four life journeys (birth, marriage, divorce, and death) according to the classification of government agencies’ services, and then chart future life journeys for services to solve challenges and offer the best innovative solutions.

The teams participating in the second day touched on identifying the gaps between the current and future life journeys, in order to determine the activities that must be completed in order to reach the future journey by preparing prototypes to display innovative solutions.

The teams concluded their competitions on the last day, by completing work on the prototypes that were prepared during the second day of the hackathon, and presenting ideas and innovations to solve the challenges and presenting them to the jury, where the committee chose the Marriage Life Journey team as the best solution / prototype, and the winning team was honored.

His Excellency Mr. Abdulaziz bin Nasser bin Mubarak Al Khalifa, President of the Civil Service and Government Development Bureau, stressed the importance of organizing such events in advancing innovation in the government sector and improving the quality of government services provided to customers, through exchanging experiences and motivating human cadres to innovate within a competitive environment to achieve speed. High efficiency and innovative services.

He added that the involvement of highly qualified government sector employees in the journey of developing the services provided by their employers comes within the framework of consolidating cooperation and exchanging ideas and best practices between the competing teams and contributing to enhancing their skills in developing services. It also comes in line with what the Civil Service and Development Bureau is doing. The government is an integrated effort to develop government services strategy and linking it with the government excellence program and award, the “Sharek” platform, and various initiatives such as the confidential customer initiative and others, to create a unified experience for the customer with government services, in order to provide the best government services with high quality and efficiency.

For his part, Mr. Hassan Abdul Rahman Al-Ibrahim, Director of Government Development Affairs at the Civil Service and Government Development Bureau, said that the Civil Service and Government Development Bureau has worked during the last period on a set of initiatives, which included the government services strategy, and resulted in the government services guide, and other guides that will be launched soon. .

He noted the contract of the Civil Service and Government Development Bureau with Sprinkler, in cooperation with the Government Communication Office and the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, to develop the Sharek platform, which will contribute to achieving the concept of an integrated experience for government services.

The hackathon comes to activate the role of government development in stimulating the creativity environment, spreading the culture of the customer first, and encouraging work as one team in order to facilitate the procedures of customers with government agencies.

The Civil Service and Government Development Bureau had organized preparatory workshops for innovation in government services at the Qatar Research, Development and Innovation (QRDI) Council, with the participation of more than 60 innovators from five government agencies, with the aim of drawing and tracking government services, analyzing sources of challenges and proposing best practices using the latest technologies and technological programs. To chart and track those services, in cooperation with the Supreme Judicial Council, the Ministries of Interior and Public Health, and the Primary Health Care Corporation.

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