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Sunday, December 3, 2023
NewsBelgorodets wanted to make money on investments and lost more than 6 million rubles

Belgorodets wanted to make money on investments and lost more than 6 million rubles

A resident of the Belgorod district wanted to earn money with the help of an investment platform, but instead transferred more than 6 million rubles to pseudo-brokers. He saw an advertisement for a company that offered passive income on the Internet.

The press service of the regional interior ministry said the victim followed the link and left his contact details on the website. Later, he received a call from a company representative. Following his instructions, the man transferred a small amount of money to open an account and installed a special application and began to study the investment under the guidance of a personal manager. Thus, the citizen of Belgorod managed to withdraw 1,700 rubles from the brokerage account.

In addition, the company employee began to strongly recommend investing large sums, which the victim began to do. But he couldn’t withdraw the money. The scammers, referring to the “cancellation of leverage” and the payment of commission, deceived the victim to the last and defrauded him of money. As a result, the man transferred more than 6 million 400 thousand rubles to pseudo-brokers. Moreover, most of them are taken on credit.

A criminal case was opened under Part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“fraud”). The police are trying to identify the perpetrators.

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