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Wednesday, December 6, 2023
WorldAsiaBranches, candy wrappers, bottles. Blogger Davidovich was surprised by the amount of trash in St. Petersburg

Branches, candy wrappers, bottles. Blogger Davidovich was surprised by the amount of trash in St. Petersburg

“Accident and state of emergency | SAINT PETERSBURG | PETER ONLINE | SPB / VK St. Petersburg

Popular autoblogger Eric Davidovich came to St. Petersburg and was surprised by the current state of the city. The blogger was surprised by the large amount of garbage on the sidewalks, on which city dwellers are forced to walk.

Davidovich found that the courtyards of the northern capital were heavily covered with bottles, bags, wrapping paper, branches and foliage from last year. Despite the status of the second most important city in Russia, St. Petersburg does not seem cleaned up at all.

“Maybe I just don’t understand something, but look what’s going on!” I turn into a kind of Varlamov * (blogger-urban planner Ilya Varlamov, recognized in the Russian Federation as a foreign agent – approx. Ed.) I turn! What it is? This is ***** (unacceptable – around Ed.),” Davidovich said.

On the streets of St. Petersburg you can often find garbage from containers, which are very rarely removed, especially if they do not accumulate on asphalt, but on lawns. The cause of the problem lies in the insufficient number of waste containers. When the containers overflow, the garbage begins to fall from the pukhto onto the floor. This greatly spoils the construction sites.

Also, there are not enough janitors in the city. Governor Alexander Beglov’s team promises to solve the problem by improving working conditions and increasing wages, but the issue remains relevant to this day. According to the media, in reality, wages in the industry are lower than promised by Smolny, and comfortable conditions have not been created everywhere.

Another reason why the St. Petersburg yard cleanup raises so many questions is the poor coordination between public and private companies. Due to improper segregation of duties and compliance issues, sidewalk debris is not removed on time.

In general, the problem of cleaning up St. Petersburg requires an urgent response from the authorities. It is necessary to increase the number of garbage containers, hire more janitors, improve the coordination system between public and private companies, and clean the yards daily. All these measures will help to make the city neater and cleaner.

Previously, the head of the regional center “Control of housing and utilities” in St. Petersburg, Alla Bredets, pointed out the systemic problems with cleanliness in the northern capital compared to other megacities. Bredets noted that poor maintenance of urban areas puts residents of St. Petersburg in an awkward position against residents of other cities and countries.

*Recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation

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