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NewsCinema lovers: 5 Soviet films about happy love

Cinema lovers: 5 Soviet films about happy love


On Valentine’s Day, lovers try to give each other the maximum of pleasant emotions. One of the sources of joy and faith in true love might just be a good movie. Your attention – 5 masterpieces of Soviet cinema, in the center of the plot of which are light love stories.

“Girls”, 1961 (dir. – Y. Chulyukin)

The spark of love can strike at any time, in any situation; between the most seemingly incompatible people. The young cook Tosya Kislitsyna comes to work in a company in the timber industry in cold Siberia. There the girl gets acquainted not only with her roommates at the hostel, but also with the head of local production Ilya Kovrigin, whom every girl secretly dreams of. On the first evening, Ilya invites Tosya to dance, but she refuses. The discouraged “first guy” is offended by the impudent cook and comes into conflict with his friend: in a week he will fall in love with Tosya.

At first, Ilya hurts the girl in every possible way, but soon realizes that she is not like the others and falls in love with her himself. At the end of the film, the characters, entwined, dream of a future life together.

“Girl without an address”, 1957 (dir. E. Ryazanov)

Love at first sight exists! Moreover, in the name of this love, a person can go around the whole city – a huge Moscow full of people.

Having met Katya on the train, when she was already leaving, Pavel realized that she was his destiny. But confused, he only asked the girl where she lived when the train was already leaving. He didn’t recognize the address, hearing only a fragment of the street name…

A common name, a large number of streets with a similar name – all this spoke eloquently of the fact that the search would take years. But finding her love helped Pavel … Katya herself. The lovers sensed intuitively where they might end up.

“Ordinary Miracle”, 1978 (dir. – M. Zakharov)

In every fairy tale, as you know, there is some truth. And no fairy tale is complete without a love story. The wizard invents a fairy tale in which witchcraft works backwards: a handsome young man will forever turn into a bear as soon as the one he loves gives him a kiss. Throughout the film, the human-shaped Bear avoids the Princess’s kiss, and in desperation, she even decides to take a fatal step. Again, love saves her from this step. And the Bear, resigned to the transformation to save his beloved.

“Office romance”, 1978 (dir. – E. Ryazanov)

The film clearly illustrates that a step is not only from love to hate, but also in the opposite direction.

Nedotepa Anatoly Efremovich Novoseltsev, in order to get a new position, begins to woo his boss, Lyudmila Prokofievna Kalugina. He is shy and clumsy, she is cold and harsh, but water wears away the stone – after a while Kalugina becomes not only imbued with sincere sympathy for her subordinate, but also outwardly transforms. However, in this story, as in many others. There’s always someone third. And even the fourth. A romance in the office is a delicate matter, because relationships are woven in front of the whole team…

“Love and Doves”, 1984 (dir. – V. Menchov)

Unpretentious, full of cute and amusing everyday details, Vasily and Nadezhda’s love story will make even die-hard cynics believe in the existence of genuine sentiment. The married couple lives in the village. They have three children, a dovecote and many mutual claims. After an accident at work, Vasily receives a ticket to a sanatorium. On the Black Sea coast, he meets the extravagant city girl Raisa Zakharovna. Together with her, the hero plunges into a completely different life – without reproaches and grumbling from his wife. But at some point, the charm of the resort sweetheart wears off…

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