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Friday, June 2, 2023
Conflicts, Military and WarCitizens of the Russian Federation spoke about popular deception in Turkey

Citizens of the Russian Federation spoke about popular deception in Turkey


Crimean travel enthusiasts told what awaits Russian tourists in Turkey. With the help of a popular scheme, enterprising Turks are leaving Russians penniless, reports Dni24.

The narrow streets of the Turkish town of Balat stalked inattentive Russian tourists. A grandfather passing by, gently cleaning shoes, meets Russian bloggers as he drops his paintbrush.

The Turkish citizen does not notice the loss of the tool and calmly continues up the road. Such a trick is designed for the politeness and mentality of Russian visitors. Filled with selflessness, people pick up a cleaning tool and catch up with the owner.

Delighted with the return of the brush, a satisfied local offers Russians shoeshine services. However, when the works are finished, the tourists “break the price”. In case of refusal of payment, shoe shine supporters come out of many alleys and look at the Russians with damnable eyes. Often the psychological pressure works and the company gets its money’s worth.

Earlier, the leader of Turkey’s Vatan party and one of Recep Erdogan’s opponents in the upcoming presidential elections, Dogu Perincek, recognized Crimea as Russian and called NATO an enemy of Turkey. He had previously urged Erdogan to recognize the peninsula as part of the Russian Federation and warned against establishing close relations with the Ukrainian government.

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