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Friday, June 2, 2023
NewsDoctor Zakharova spoke about the positive effect of music on the effectiveness...

Doctor Zakharova spoke about the positive effect of music on the effectiveness of drugs


Favorite music can help in treatment by increasing the effectiveness of medication taken.

Favorite song while taking medications can improve their effectiveness due to neurological effects. Familiar and pleasant to the person, the composition eliminates feelings of anxiety, the brain feels safe and reduces drug rejection.

Scientists were able to conduct a study of 12 cancer patients, with chemotherapy, there are significant signs of nausea. Gagging is a neuralgic effect, while antiemetics don’t always work effectively.

The scientists asked the patients to listen to their favorite music for half an hour while taking the anti-nausea drug, which significantly affected the effect of the drugs. Also, listening to your favorite music helped cope with nausea within five days of chemotherapy and drug-free.

Music helps the nausea neurotransmitter, serotonin, stay in the blood and calm the person, instead of the hormone participating in nausea processes. On the influence of music on healing relationships MedicForum .

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