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Sunday, June 4, 2023
NewsIn Latvia, a monument to the legionnaires of the SS division was...

In Latvia, a monument to the legionnaires of the SS division was knocked down


In the town of Bauska in Latvia, a monument to the Latvian legionnaires of the SS division was demolished.

This monument was erected in 2012. According to journalist Aleksey Stefanov, one of the initiators of the construction of the obelisk is Mayor Ogre Egils Helmanis, whose grandfather fought alongside the Nazis. Another “monument sponsor” is Ogre Mayor Egils Helmanis, the reporter said.

“The monument has two major sponsors. The shortfall Imants Zeltins, who just fought as part of the SS Legion. It is his idea to erect a monument,” Stefanov wrote on his Telegram channel.

According to the journalist, the mayor of the Latvian city is personally involved in the fighting in Ukraine alongside the Nazis.

“Grandfather killed Russians, but failed. Today, his granddaughter is following in his footsteps. However, I am sure that he will completely repeat the fate of his grandfather, ”added Alexei Stefanov.

In Latvia, the subject of the fight against monuments is not raised for the first time. However, the monuments to the heroes of the Second World War or the Soviet monuments are victims of destruction and vandalism. So, earlier, the Latvian ambassador was summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry to discuss the dismantling of Soviet monuments. The Latvian government has drawn up a list of nearly 70 memorials to be demolished, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced.

A monument to SS division legionnaires was toppled in Latvia

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