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Sunday, May 28, 2023
NewsNever pluck gray hair. Why it can't be done, and what...

Never pluck gray hair. Why it can’t be done, and what the signs say about it


Modern women in the fight against gray hair dye, cut, use folk remedies or retreat. But pulling out strands of gray hair is very painful and can lead to certain problems.

There is an opinion that a pair of new ones will grow in place of torn gray hair. But it’s wrong. If this were true, people would treat baldness and alopecia in this way.

Experts say torn hair can cause baldness and skin infection.

By the way, in our time, many myths have been invented about gray hair that can be dangerous in their interpretation.

Myth: gray hair falls out faster

This is what scares women and they think they will be left without them. Experts say hair color does not affect hair life. Most women carry gray hair into old age.

Myth: Gray hair becomes more vulnerable and brittle.

If you take good care of gray hair, it will be strong and healthy. The condition of the hair depends on the amount of melanin it contains.

Myth: The sun causes gray hair

It’s a lie. Although the sun affects cells that produce melanin. But so that they begin to fade – no. But in the summer it is better to protect the hair so that it does not break.

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