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Tuesday, June 6, 2023
WorldAsiaRussian Foreign Minister Lavrov says Western countries are feeding Nazism in Ukraine

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov says Western countries are feeding Nazism in Ukraine

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Western countries nurture and nurture a new Nazism on the territory of Ukraine. This opinion is shared by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, reports TASS.

According to the Russian politician, the West is repeating history, creating a new threat to Russia. Currently, this practice is used by the Kiev regime, where nationalism is flourishing.

“And we all know manifestations of Russophobia, manifestations of outright racism, when everything Russian is prohibited by law, when Nazi organizations receive direct state support,” Lavrov noted.

Lavrov stressed that the Nazi regime of Zelenskyy is supported by all of Europe. For some reason, European politicians are not bothered by the anti-human crimes of the Ukrainian armed forces, as well as the use of SS symbols in Ukrainian army stripes. The West turns a blind eye to manifestations of Nazism, blaming Russia for it.

Earlier, Sergei Lavrov assessed the ICC’s investigation of US crimes. According to Lavrov, the ICC is now led by a naturalized Anglo-Saxon who fulfills the orders of his Western masters. It is worth recalling the case where the ICC tried to investigate American activities in Afghanistan. Then the investigation stalled after the imposition of sanctions by the States against the employees of justice.

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