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Saturday, June 10, 2023
WorldAsiaSupplying the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Artyomovsk was complicated due to Russian "smart" mines

Supplying the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Artyomovsk was complicated due to Russian “smart” mines



Russian “Gran” mines with semi-active laser guidance complicate the supply of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Artyomovsk. In the direction of Donetsk, the 67th mechanized brigades, 71st Jaeger and 80th separate air assault brigades of the armed forces of Ukraine had to deal with the destruction of a significant part of the crossing points, which were established after the withdrawal of the units from the central part of Artemovsk (Bakhmut) (Bakhmut).

As the Military Chronicle reports, due to the damage to crossing points around the city, the Ukrainian armed forces are forced to search for detours and paths, making many kilometers of detours on destroyed roads on light vehicles, who often don’t even have light armour. .

When bypassing the crossing points, the transport of the Ukrainian Armed Forces comes under fire from Russian units. In addition, instead of high-caliber artillery against Ukrainian columns with ammunition and supplies, PMC “Wagner” gunners use “Fringe” high-precision planning mines of 120 mm caliber.

According to preliminary data, semi-active laser-guided ammunition is used by the “orchestra” both to strike at the crossings themselves and to destroy vehicles.

In terms of fragmentation, the Gran mine is superior to regular 120 mm caliber military mines. To destroy a firing post in a hard-to-reach area with a crew at a distance of 6 km, it is necessary to use 100-200 ordinary mines. For the same task, the gunners of the PMC Wagner use one or two Gran mines.

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