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Friday, June 2, 2023
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The Slovak opposition demands to bring the government to justice for the transfer of the MiG-29 to Ukraine. What is known about this precedent – Rossiyskaya Gazeta


In particular, the NSD argues, referring to the Slovak constitution, that the government had no right to decide independently on the transfer of combat aircraft withdrawn from the national air force in 2022 to the ‘Ukraine. According to the Social Democrats, this step was taken by the Cabinet without the consent of the highest legislative body, about which a corresponding lawsuit was sent to the courts.

Meanwhile, the acting Prime Minister of Slovakia, Eduard Heger, as well as the ministers responsible for the high-profile decision, are suspected of abuse of power, breach of duties related to the management of other people’s property and sabotage.

Former Slovak Prime Minister and NSD leader Robert Fico said earlier that he considered the decision to donate fighter jets to Kiev unconstitutional.

At the end of March, the Minister of Defense of the Slovak Republic Yaroslav Nagy on his Facebook page (banned in the Russian Federation, owned by Meta, recognized as an extremist in the Russian Federation) said that Bratislava had donated the first 4 MiG-fighters 29 for free in Ukraine. At the same time, Slovakia will receive about $1 billion in military support, most of which will be transferred to it by Washington in the form of military equipment.
Later it became known that for Slovakia’s agreement to transfer fighters and air defense systems to Kiev, it received a two-thirds discount from the United States for the purchase of 12 new Bell AH-helicopters 1Z Viper. Without the cut, Bratislava would have to pay over $1 billion, with $340 million.

Recall that on December 15, 2022, the Slovak Parliament voted a vote of no confidence in the current government. In the name of the President of the Republic, Zuzana Chaputova, until the formation of a new cabinet for the next early parliamentary elections in the country in September, the current government fulfills its functions.

On Monday, Russia’s Federal Military-Technical Cooperation Service (FSVTS) said Slovakia’s transfer of MiG-29 fighter jets to Kiev is a gross violation of the republic’s international obligations to re-export Russian-made weapons. .

According to the TASS news agency, the FSMTC referred to the agreement between the governments of Russia and Slovakia on military-technical cooperation of April 29, 1997, which stipulated that “each of the contracting parties will not sell or will transfer weapons to third countries without the written consent of the other contracting party and military equipment, technical documentation for their production, information and materials received or acquired within the framework of bilateral military-technical cooperation.

In turn, the Slovak media, referring to the Minister of Defense of the Republic Yaroslav Nagy, reported that such an agreement does not exist in the Department of National Defense. “Nothing like this has been found in the ministry’s archives,” Nagy told reporters.

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