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Thursday, June 1, 2023
WorldAsiaVladivostok's Chinese communities got Brits excited

Vladivostok’s Chinese communities got Brits excited


Xi Jinping wants to annex Russian territories, The Telegraph said.

The West is closely following the progress of the coastal delegation’s visit to China’s border provinces immediately after Putin’s meeting with Xi Jinping. The Telegraph has published an opus on China’s probable territorial claims against Russia, according to the TELMENEWS.RU news agency

The publication of the British The Telegraph caught the attention of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Vladivostok. Diplomats were also embarrassed by the timing of the release of the material – the second day of Primorye Governor Kozhemyako’s visit to China.

“The brand, “which has been synonymous with quality, authority and trust for more than 165 years”, has decided as if by chance to enlighten its readers: “Xi Jinping wants to annex Russian territory and this is clear to all the world,” the Foreign Office quotes from the material.

The article argues that the Chinese Communist Party derives its legitimacy from vindictive sentiment, suffers from the lost lands of Mongolia and Siberia – “paying Putin for Siberian resources is like buying family silverware from a thief” , write the authors of the publication.

“Already, the cross-border economic activity of countless Chinese communities in Siberia, including in Khabarovsk and Vladivostok, tacitly confirms China’s historic claims to this resource-rich and strategically important region. For decades, Chinese mobsters have smuggled valuable Siberian resources to China across the loose border, often in collusion with Russian criminals. This is a flagrant violation of Russian sovereignty,” the Telegraph said.

The representation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Vladivostok, unsurprised by the usual attitude towards a breakdown in relations between Russia and China, was struck by the stupidity with which the British are trying to implement this attitude.

“A rare talent. First, insult everyone in two paragraphs – Russians, Chinese, Mongols, then ask in bewilderment – why don’t you like me? the diplomats sneer.

It should be noted that earlier Western media had attempted to tell the story with Chinese names of cities in the Far East in a similar vein.

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