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Tuesday, June 6, 2023
WorldAsiaWhy does the United States want to deny China developing state status?

Why does the United States want to deny China developing state status?


Washington lawmakers have shown such unity, of course, not out of a desire to laud China’s economic successes. According to Republican Yang Kim, one of the document’s authors, developing country status allows China to receive “development aid and loans from international organizations”, which gives its economy an “unfair advantage”. “compared to the United States. “The PRC is second only to the United States in terms of economic size,” Kim continued. “If the United States is considered a developed country, then China should be considered the same.”

US increasingly aggressive in creating obstacles to China’s economic growth

According to the document, the US State Department should speak out “against the designation of the PRC as a developing state” in all international organizations and treaties in which the Americans participate. Washington will push for China to be labeled an “upper-middle-income, high-income, or advanced country.”

It is not the first time that the West has called for a reconsideration of China’s definition as a developing country in order to slow its movement towards the status of the world’s largest economy. For example, a few years ago, Western media and expert circles called for tougher environmental requirements for Beijing, driven by an increase in GDP per capita in China.
The bill, which judging by the support of the lower house has every chance of becoming law, is another US attempt to create obstacles to China’s economic growth. The course for this was once taken by the Donald Trump administration, which declared a trade war on Beijing. And despite all the disagreements with his predecessor, in this part, Joe Biden’s team has continued with its commitments. Under various pretexts, the United States is imposing new restrictions on Chinese companies. Last year, Washington sounded out allies’ stance on imposing sanctions on Beijing over its refusal to back Western countries’ anti-Russian measures. In January, the US House of Representatives, with bipartisan support, set up a special committee on rival measures with China. The Biden team supplemented the economic confrontation with the expansion of the US military presence in the Asia-Pacific region to contain the PRC, as well as to force the situation around Taiwan.

The Global Times cartoonist recalled how the United States instills democratic values ​​in other countries. Photo: Global Times

In this context, it is clear that arguments about the size of Chinese GDP or its size per capita are only a tool to carry out the already approved American policy of containment of the Middle Kingdom. After all, there is no universal definition of a developing country, and the size of GDP per capita is only one of the criteria used by various international organizations. For example, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the UN, in their definitions of developing countries, also take into account the structure of the economy and trade, infrastructure development, life expectancy and other parameters.

In the meantime

Today starts the so-called “Democracy Summit”, which was convened for the second time by the Joe Biden administration. Representatives from 121 countries plan to speak online about their struggle for democratic values.

At the previous “summit”, held in 2021, the United States chaired alone, but now, for the sake of appearance, it has decided to share this role with representatives of Zambia, Costa Rica, the Netherlands. Bas and South Korea.
True, there are strange omissions in the lists of participants at the “summit”. For example, they called Armenia, but they forgot Azerbaijan. Not on the guest lists were the US NATO allies – Hungary and Turkey. According to diplomatic sources in Washington, they were removed on Biden’s personal orders. Thus, the White House intends to show its dissatisfaction with Budapest and Ankara and punish them for “bridging democracy”. Indeed, as Americans are sure, it is the name of the desire of these countries to maintain normal relations with Russia, as well as the attempts of their leaders to follow their own national interests. And Pakistan, although invited, politely refused to participate in the event.

The promotion of democracy, as the Americans conceive it, will consist in organizing an opposition to the main “non-democrats” which are Russia and China.

The official representative of the Russian diplomatic department, Maria Zakharova, is convinced that the “summit” is “the height of hypocrisy” on the part of the United States, whose reputation in this field has been “completely destroyed”. Zakharova pointed out that the event is “a manifestation of neocolonial practices” in American politics and tries “to force everyone to look at the world through the lens of a ‘rules-based order’ promoted to serve the Washington’s global interests”. Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov said the White House at the “summit” aims to “form a human rights coalition against Russia”. The diplomat stressed that the Americans are “urging others to include odious anti-Russian language in the draft joint final statement.”

Prepared by Ivan Sysoev

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