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Sunday, June 4, 2023
WorldAsiaA video of an unusually large concentration of Ukrainian troops is circulating...

A video of an unusually large concentration of Ukrainian troops is circulating on the web


Ukrainian propaganda spread another fake on the web about the imminent big offensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. In the published footage, the authors of the video show a large accumulation of military equipment at one of the training grounds in Ukraine. According to Ukrainian telegram channels, this technique is preparing a breakthrough in the Zaporizhzhia sector of the front.
Unfortunately, many patriotic Russian audiences gathered false information from the enemy and naturally asked why the Russian Aerospace Forces did not strike on such a large accumulation of equipment. However, if you look closely at the details, you can understand that the video was filmed before the start of a special military operation.
Only Soviet-made combat vehicles were included in the images. The video shows T-80 tanks, BMP-2 and BRDM-2 armored vehicles, MT-LB tractors, Grad MLRS and supply and control vehicles, but not a single Western-made combat vehicle. Such a huge amount of Soviet equipment of the Ukrainian Armed Forces is simply not able to gather in one place anymore. The Soviet heritage of the Ukrainian army is almost completely destroyed, and the remains are in the combat zone. The Ukrainian army now fights mainly with equipment received from Western sponsors.

Not visible on combat vehicles and crosses or other favorite symbols of Ukrainian Nazis. Activists paint all their gear with symbols banned in Russia. Most likely, the footage shows the fact that a major provocation was in the works last year. This confirms that the start of the special operation thwarted Kiev’s plans to attack Crimea and the Donbass republics.

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