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Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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Dr. Abdul Moeen Al-Qahtani: I climbed the platforms to fulfill my father’s dream


His Eminence Sheikh Dr. Abdul Moeen Al-Qahtani, an imam and preacher at the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, said during his interview with Al-Sharq that the holy month of Ramadan is a season of acts of worship that the Muslims must take advantage of and exploit with obedience and worship, because the wages in this holy month are doubled, explaining: In this holy month, a caller calls out, saying, “O seeker of good, proceed, and O seeker of evil, shorten.”

The rebellious devils are chained in it, and in it, there are acts of worship, deeds, and obedience that only the Lord Almighty knows their reward, as the month of fasting is the month of obedience and the month of upholding the kinship, and in it is a night of good. From a thousand months, Muslims receive it with readiness, joy, and racing to do good, in confirmation of the saying of God Almighty, “And the foremost, the foremost, those who are brought close in the gardens of bliss.” Surah Al-Waqi’ah (Verse 12), which is the season of discernment and the ability to catch up on time in obedience to God and to use it in obedience to God and worshiping Him, and to attain higher ranks on the Day of Resurrection from God Almighty.

The Path of the Prophets He added that rhetoric and advocacy is a field in which there is good, and it is the path of the Prophets, and as the Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said, “The prophets did not inherit neither a dinar nor a dirham, but rather they inherited knowledge.”

These are areas of learning legal knowledge, knowledge of the provisions of religion, and approaching God by complying with His orders and adhering to the Sunnah of the Prophet And it is a field in which there is good and blessing, pointing out that the reason for his choice of the field of rhetoric and the imam is due to his influence on his father, may God forgive him, who was a lover of mosques and was one of its people and pillars and was keen to perform the entire congregational prayer in the mosque, and he was keen to attend religious lessons as well, and he was keen To develop himself in the field of legal and ideological rulings, and he always asked us to pray in the mosque and adhere to religion and the Sunnah of the Chosen One, and his dream was to have among his children an imam and a preacher, and I succeeded in that, praise be to God.

He explained that rhetoric and imams are not his first specialty, as he works as a dentist at Hamad Medical Corporation, and after that, he turned to fulfill his father’s dream, may God have mercy on him, who wished to fulfill his desire and fulfill his dream while he was alive, but God passed him away before he saw him as an imam and preacher. Da’wah and rhetoric, and pointed out that he had memorized a little bit of the Qur’an, about six parts, and had memorized some of the hadiths of the Prophet, pointing out that he had joined a number of courses offered by the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, thanks in the field of jurisprudence, advocacy, rhetoric, creed, monotheism, intonation, grammar, and others, indicating that he started the sermon for many years, he preaches Friday prayers on a weekly basis as well as Eid sermons, in addition to performing Tarawih prayers and praying during the holy month, in addition to his participation in the “Healing and Mercy” program with the Ministry of Endowments, during which they visit patients in hospitals, remind them of God, bring joy and pleasure to their hearts, and teach them rulings Praying and fasting in their illness and praying for their recovery.

In his speech that he addressed to the youth, he said: We strive in this world and travel to seek knowledge in order to obtain degrees in search of sustenance, so what prevents us from preparing for the Hereafter with a field that prepares us to go to it while we are loaded with good deeds, and work in it is good, such as the Imamate and rhetoric, and we do not think that there are those who do wrong or disparage In these areas, we must work for our Hereafter in good deeds, as we have a journey ahead of us for eternal life, and we must prepare for it by complying with the orders of God Almighty and the Sunnah of His Noble Prophet.

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