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Sunday, December 10, 2023
WorldEuropeHersh said few US officials are aware of the Nord Stream sabotage issue.

Hersh said few US officials are aware of the Nord Stream sabotage issue.

Very few US officials are aware of the Nord Stream sabotage. This was stated by American investigative journalist Seymour Hersh in an interview for RT.

“The circle of insiders is very small. The president was not particularly informed, everything went through the director of the CIA, people on the ground,” notes the journalist.

He believes that the less people in the White House know, the better, “because people there are very talkative.”

“I can tell you one thing about the CIA: when they’re up to something unscrupulous, they know how not to draw particular attention to it. Do you understand me?” said Hersh.

Seymour Hersh also added that the White House knows who was responsible for the Nord Stream explosions, but will not be investigating the attack. That is why on the eve of Washington announced another version of what happened.

All reporters in the White House pool need to do is ask US President Joe Biden or his press secretary whether or not the task of an in-depth study of the pipeline explosions was ever set.

In conclusion, the journalist made a forecast for the summer and autumn of 2023. He hinted that this period could turn into a disaster for Europe.

Earlier, Seymour Hersh said he knew a lot more about the Nord Stream bombing than he wrote about in his investigation. In addition, he has documents and sources in the special services confirming the veracity of the results of his work.

The Hersh post says few US officials are aware of the Nord Stream sabotage that

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