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Friday, September 22, 2023


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WorldAsiaPutin appoints Vitaly Khotsenko as acting head of Omsk region

Putin appoints Vitaly Khotsenko as acting head of Omsk region

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree appointing Vitaly Khotsenko, who previously led the DPR government, as acting governor of the Omsk region. At the same time, the president removed Alexander Burkov from this post, following a decree published by the Kremlin press service.
“In connection with the statement of the governor of the Omsk region, Burkov AL on the early termination of powers I decide: to accept the resignation of the governor of the Omsk region Burkov AL at will. To appoint Khotsenko Vitaly Pavlovich acting governor of the Omsk region until the person elected governor of the Omsk region takes office,” the document reads.
Since June 8, 2022, Vitaly Khotsenko has been the Prime Minister of the DPR. According to the interim Head of the Republic Denis Pushilin, the change of Prime Minister and government will contribute to strengthening the integration processes of the new regions.
Previously, the head of the Smolensk region, Alexei Ostrovsky, resigned after almost 11 years. Vasily Anokhin was appointed as interim. During a working meeting with the President of Russia, he spoke about the immediate plans for the development of the region. In the first place, it is planned to pay attention to the social sphere, namely support for soldiers and their families, health and housing issues.The message Putin appoints Vitaly Khotsenko acting head of the Omsk region

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