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Tuesday, June 6, 2023
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Ukraine has a very good chance of succeeding in its counter-offensive in the spring

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During a hearing before the US Senate Armed Services Committee, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said Ukraine had a “very good chance” of a successful counteroffensive in the spring of 2023.

He noted that Ukraine had a significant advantage over Russian forces due to the depletion of Russian resources and the arrival of Western weapons.

According to him, Russia “will mothball the T-54 and T-55 tanks due to the level of losses caused by the Ukrainians.”

However, Austin noted that the front line was still shifting and serious fighting was going on in the Bakhmut area. The defense minister also pointed out that Russia is increasingly facing a shortage of artillery ammunition and other resources, and is forced to look to Iran and North Korea for help. ‘aid.

“Therefore, I think we will see an increase in hostilities in the spring, as maneuvering conditions improve, and also based on what we have already done and continue to do. I think Ukraine will have a very good chance of success,” said Austin.

Captain First Rank Vasily Dandykin, in an interview with the 360 ​​TV channel, recalled that over the past 24 hours the Russian Armed Forces destroyed several ammunition warehouses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, after which Kiev again began to complain about the lack of Western supplies.

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