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Saturday, June 10, 2023
NewsAn amateur prospector finds a fortune in gold.. and a former prospector advises: keep your mouth shut!

An amateur prospector finds a fortune in gold.. and a former prospector advises: keep your mouth shut!



Some people like to excavate in the fields, and some are lucky enough to find some artifacts, or rocks that contain some precious metals, but one of the prospecting enthusiasts was lucky more than expected, and he found a rock containing gold with an approximate value of 160 thousand US dollars!

The story began when an amateur excavator in the fields of Victoria found a rock divided into two solid blocks weighing 4.5 kilograms, using a metal detector, according to Al-Arabi Network and quoting the Guardian newspaper.

Then the prospector, whose name was not known, went with his unique find to a gold store in the city of Geelong, where he asked the owner, Darren Camp, if he thought that what was in one of the two blocks could be worth $ 7 thousand, but the owner surprised the prospector and told him that it might reach for 70 thousand US dollars.

At that time, the man explained to the owner of the gold shop, who used to bring people carrying fake gold to his store, that what he had just valued was only half of the rock, so that the seller estimated the value of the entire rock of gold at about $160,000, indicating that the amount of gold in it amounted to 83 ounces.

And the owner of the store stated that he had bought what was offered to him, noting that he had never seen a sample containing this amount of gold during the 43 years of excavation, and he also attributed part of the amazing luck enjoyed by the prospector to his use of a metal detector that costs $ 1,200, which is This is considered within the lowest end of the pricing range for these machines, indicating that the discovered rock would not have been monitored except with an expensive machine, had it been located in a place deeper than 12 inches in the ground where it was found.

The Guardian said that the high gold prices aroused the interest of residents and tourists in Australia, who have been combing the region in search of it for generations, and it is expected that their enemies will increase with the large surges in gold prices.

While prospectors for this precious metal need a license, third-generation prospector John Walton says: "If you find gold, you must keep your mouth shut and say nothing". according to the newspaper.

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