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Saturday, June 10, 2023
NewsFor employment in a governmental or semi-governmental entity.. Here is the method for authenticating the university certificate for non-Qataris

For employment in a governmental or semi-governmental entity.. Here is the method for authenticating the university certificate for non-Qataris



The Ministry of Education and Higher Education has launched the new system for equivalency of university academic degrees, which means providing a prior approval service for Qatari students who wish to study outside the State of Qatar at their own expense, as well as a service of equivalence of university degrees for Qatari students who studied outside the country at their own expense and obtained prior approvals. As well as the service of authentication of university degrees for non-Qatari students.

Mr. Jaber Ahmed Al-Jaber, Director of the Department of Equivalence of University Academic Certificates at the Ministry, confirmed in an exclusive interview with Qatar News Agency that the new system of equivalencies and certifications is in the interest of the student, shortens time, contributes to accelerating work and achievement, avoiding errors and complaints, and allowing direct communication and correspondence with the cultural attachés of the State of Qatar in Abroad, which has the same system, which reduces the stages of the service involved.

Employment of non-Qataris in a governmental or semi-governmental entity:

Al-Jaber noted that the administration has instructions for the necessity of re-equivaling any university degree in the country, whether for a citizen or a resident, if the concerned authority submits a request for that, indicating that evaluation requests have been received in this regard from several bodies.

And he indicated that Qatari students who obtain their university degrees from inside the country do not need to equalize them, nor do they have prior approvals as well, but only that the certificate will be stamped, and that non-Qatari students who apply for a job in the country in a governmental or semi-governmental agency, their certificates will be authenticated by Where it is correct or not for the purpose of controlling it, with writing a note indicating whether it was obtained through regular study or through affiliation, which is not approved for them, or through distance study, so that the employer decides after that to employ him or not.

He pointed out that the study system by affiliation has been rejected since 1998, but to find solutions to these cases when the student submits an application for processing, 25% of the number of hours required to obtain the certificate is calculated, provided that the rest of the academic hours are completed in any university listed on the study abroad lists.

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