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Tuesday, September 26, 2023


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WorldAsiaFrom April 1, residents of St. Petersburg will be able to save up to 25 rubles on public transport...

From April 1, residents of St. Petersburg will be able to save up to 25 rubles on public transport fares

From April 1, special fares will come into effect on St. Petersburg trams and trolleybuses, which will save up to 25 rubles when paying with the Unified St. Petersburg Card (UCP) or the card Mr.

St. Petersburg Governor Alexander Beglov said the northern capital is the only city in Russia where citizens enjoy benefits for traveling with EKP and Mir cards throughout the year. Previously, the discount was only valid on the metro.

“Thanks to the agreement with the Mir payment system, this year there is such an opportunity in land transport. For the first time, the price of travel on the National Card and the ECP in land transport is lower than the cost of the Podorozhnik, the most preferential travel ticket in St. Petersburg. We will continue to work to maintain the social orientation of the tariff policy,” Beglov said.

General Director of the Mir system Vladimir Komlev noted that the fare has been in effect on St. Petersburg buses since January 1, 2023, and during this period citizens have saved more than 84 million rubles.

“Now we are expanding the action of the action on electric transport – all trams and trolleybuses in the northern capital. Thus, it will be possible to travel cheaper on absolutely all public transport in St. Petersburg, ”said Vladimir Komlev.

When paying for ground transportation with a Mir card, from April 1, the cost of travel will be 43 rubles, which is 22 rubles less than the “guest” fare. When paying EKP, the fare for ground transportation will be 42 rubles, which is 23 rubles less than the so-called “guest” fare. If a passenger pays for a trip using a phone with the appropriate applications for contactless payment installed, the fare with Mir and ECP cards will be 41 and 40 rubles, respectively.

In addition, the fare has been in effect in the metro since January 1, where the fare is 47 rubles when paying the ECP, which allows citizens to save 23 rubles.

Earlier, the St. Petersburg Transport Committee reported that by the end of 2022, 96% of public transport trips were paid for electronically.

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