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Friday, September 22, 2023


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NewsThe Smolensk Aviation Plant signed a "road map" with the regional administration

The Smolensk Aviation Plant signed a “road map” with the regional administration

A working meeting between Acting Governor Vasily Anokhin and General Director of the Smolensk Aviation Plant Andrey Toporkov took place in Smolensk.

During the meeting, the prospects for the development of the industrial sector in the region were discussed. In particular, the implementation of projects related to the development of civil aviation by the enterprise was considered.

Vasily Anokhin stressed the importance of the aircraft factory for Smolensk and the region. A large number of workers from Smolensk work at the plant. The company makes a serious contribution to the economy of the region.

Andrey Toporkov spoke about the prospects of the plant. Production is developing dynamically. The salary in the company is now 30% higher than the average for the region. The plant has orders and contracts until 2025. We are actively engaged in the development of the social sphere, including for our employees, which also helps Smolensk and the Smolensk region. In the past six months alone, 800 people have become employees of the Smolensk Aviation Plant. The industrial training program is actively developed. But we still need staff.

Especially for the promising project TVRS-44 Ladoga. The factory will manufacture a complete wing box and a set of wings for this aircraft. From 2026, 25-30 wing kits per assembly.

Summing up the meeting, Vasily Anokhin noted: “We agreed on plans for joint work in stages. The whole roadmap has been detailed. I will personally help with the hiring of new factory workers, their professional retraining and the arrangement of their families. We clearly defined what we would do in terms of developing the social sphere for the workers of this factory. We will help.”

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